GENOCIDE ORGAN : Under - Kontrakt

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the latest new Genocide Organ album dates back to 2005 - now in 2011 the world is challenged by wellknown old and antic patterns and presumed economic reasons. That of military contractors - whether it have been the cretian archers, the celtic cavlery, the germanic body guards, the swiss guards - muslim or christian motivated soldiers, spartans and greeks - european or asian - UN - Forces or private contractors - those people always seeked more than money - the record here deals with the overall topic of mercenary or more. Like always Genocide Organ's music is straight forward - expanding all genres and categories. A powerful assault and aggressive undertone interchanges with a dense depressive mood - all tracks are new but have been partly played live during their last live appearance.'

1 Error 4:19
2 It's Over 5:27
3 Forever Whore 4:32
4 Denard 4:40
5 Prince 0:34
6 I'm With You All Days 4:16
7 Tamil Eelam 2:18
8 Armor Group 4:29
9 S.low 2:23
10 The Lord Is My Light 4:09
11 We Are Here To Have A Good Time 3:32

Performer ? Brigant Moloch, D.A.X., Doc M. Riot, Wilhelm Herich

Released in an embossed digipak with a 4 page insert.
All material recorded and produced in Mannheim.
"We are here to have a good time, we don't want to cause any trouble…"

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