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  • フォーマット: 4CD [KMI-037-040]
  • 重量: 0.2kg
  • レーベル: Kinky Musik Institute


草深公秀 (Kusafuka Kimihide)によるK2の2001年 Kinky Musik Institute から4枚組CD!
限定300組 !!
スタジオ録音?名古屋Tokuzo?金沢でのソロライブ?2001年 2万ボルトでインキャパシタンツとセッションしたライブ音源まで収録されたボリューム満天な内容☆
メタルなハーシュやお得意カットアップまで爆裂しています !!!

1-1 Dedicated To Kaprun 21:31
1-2 Butterflyshadow 22:00
1-3 Submerged Attack From The Sea Of Bliss 22:02
2-1 Contaminated Body 15:32
2-2 Scrap Plays To The Eternal Pleasure 15:36
2-3 Molecular Plaque Control 15:35
2-4 Fetisch For Another Mythodontix 15:21
3-1 Cold Wave Of Her Underhairs 24:01
3-2 Damage 28:04
3-3 (The Princess Suffered From) Tubal Pregnancy 21:37
Voice [Voices], Electronics ? Incapacitants
4-1 Atomic Piles In J.C.O. 15:37
4-2 Peaches On The Isotope Beach 15:39
4-3 Invaginated G-Spot 9:40
4-4 17 11:48
4-5 Unter Die Abstinenzerscheinungen 12:02

Art Direction [All] ? S. Katayama
Composed By [De-composed], Performer [Performed] ? K2
Percussion [Metal Junks], Voice, Synthesizer [Friktor-bass Synth System, Roland SH-2 & SH-101 Analog], Effects [Effect Modulators], Instruments [MTR], Design [Package Concept], Artwork, Producer ? K. Kusafuka*

Disc 1: Recorded and Mixed by K2 at Oncosonik Laboratory, Nov. 2000
Disc 2: Recorded by K2 at Oncosonik Laboratory May to Nov. 2000, re-mixed by K2, Apr. 2001. Tracks 2-1 and 2-2 previously released in different versions on split CD with Vita-Verbum-Lux in 2000. Tracks 2-3 and 2-4 previously released in different versions on split tape with Veprisuicida on the Russian Ultra label in 2000.
Disc 3: Live recordings. 3-1 recorded live at Nospace, Kanazawa, Japan on Mar. 2, 2001. K2 used Multi-track tape recorder, tapes and effect modulators. 3-2 recorded live at Tokuzo, Nagoya, Japan on Aug. 26, 2000. K2 used Multi-track tape recorder, tapes and effect modulators. Previously released as split tape with Armenia on the Bizarre Audio Arts, Equador in 2001. 3-3 recorded live at 20000V, Tokyo, Japan on Mar. 20, 2001. Incapacitants contributed with voices and electronics; K2 used MC-303 and voice.
Disc 4: Recorded and mixed by K2 at Oncosonik Laboratory between Dec. 2000 and May 2001.
Primary sound sources used on tapes and mixed through multi-track tape recorder include: metal junks, voices, friktor-bass synth system, Roland SH-2 and SH-101 analog synthesizers and effect modulators.
All titles de-composed & performed by K2 without MIDI sampler, digital synthesizer and computor.
Limited edition of 300 copies.

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