ANTONIO TESTA : Inframundis

  • フォーマット: CD [FAR-14]
  • 重量: 0.05kg
  • レーベル: Faria


イタリアのベテラン・アンビエント・アーティストAntonio Testaの2007年の超名盤。
おなじみAlio Dieも参加してますよ。

1 Rahièn 7:46
Voice [First Cry] – Rahièn Testa
2 Xibalbà 5:46
3 Inframundis 8:22
4 Moon 5:30
5 Natural Stoned 5:16
6 Pachamama 6:32
Lyrics By [Poetry] – Vincenzo Morgillo
Voice – Susana Beatriz Alvear
7 Celestium 8:09
8 The Cave 4:31
Singing Bowls [Crystal Bowls] – Daniela Risser
9 Asmaghiti
Synthesizer – Lupo Pasini 3:29
Voice, Singing Bowls [Dobaci] – Maurizio Dall'Olio
10 Stalagmite 10:24

Artwork – Sara Luciani
Mastered By, Photography By [All Other Photos By] – Andrey Faryus
Percussion, Other [Stalagmites], Synth [Synths], Electronics [Textures And Drones], Field Recording [Field Recordings From Italy], Written-By, Producer [Produced By] – Antonio Testa
Photography By [Cover Photo] – Enrico Labriola
Recorded By, Mixed By, Edited By – A. Testa
Sampler [Samples], Electronics [Textures, Drones], Field Recording [Thai Soundscapes] – Alio Die (tracks: 1, 2, 4 to 7)

Inframundis (inland universe, latin) is a research of stalagmites and stalagtites sounds mixed with textures and drones; It’s a meditative record and it creates a balance between biosphere and technosphere. The cd gets free all its energies, its little/big sounds, its hidden atmospheres, and microharmonies.
The sounds, music, make us come back to the past, offering us the view of a World. The sound evokes angelical moments between the imperceptible evolution of the sound of the sky and the ethnic roots, natural instrumental sounds creating atmospheres which evoke in our imaginary visions and images of the most far places. It is an alchemic project of ancestral sounds. Deeply rooted in our unconscious.
Artwork conception was created by Sara Luciani, release contain several cards and double side cover.
Cover photo by Enrico Labriola,
Limited edition of 500 pieces, FAR-14, 2007

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