SWOLLEN ORGANS : May Their Deeds Inspire Our Actions

  • フォーマット: Tape [?]
  • 重量: 0.1kg
  • レーベル: Deathbed Tapes


Jimmy Alyによるパワエレ〜デスインダスのSwollen Organsの2021年カセット!!

A1. Trolling And Stalking 04:21
A2. Depraved Indifference 03:47
A3. Souvenirs 05:35
B1. God Bender 02:48
B2. Deep Lengths 12:09

Swollen Organs - “May Their Deeds Inspire Our Actions” examines the topic of serial killers but explored from the silences and internal peacefulness rather than the external explicit violence happening in the moment. The inner monologue or lack there of for the sex killer and ones “spoken to by god”. The intentions and words display a frantic violence yet the state of being may be controlled and serene or even complete blackout. Where the violence and disorder experienced is when alone and in private, away from the scene of the crime.


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