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SERGE ARCURI : Les Meandres Du Reve

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  • Format: CD [IMED9310]
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  • Label: empreintes DIGITALes

“To accentuate the artificial dimension of dreams, and contrary to the procedure whereby concrete sound objects are transformed into a musical process, this Prélude aux méandres (Meanders’ Prelude) is a reconstruction of a summer night soundscape in which the songs of crickets, grasshoppers, frogs and birds are all of a synthetic nature. These sounds take part in a contrapuntal game with elements that are foreign to the scene and which constitute the dramatic attraction. This prelude was written as the introduction to the stage version.”

- samples -

1 Prélude aux méandres (1985) 3m29s
2 La porte des sables (1989) 12m35s
Lawrence Cherney, oboe, English horn; Trevor Tureski, percussion
3 Murmure (1989) 12m26s
4 Errances (1992) 14m00s
Lawrence Cherney, oboe d’amore; Erica Goodman, harp
5 Lueurs (1987) 12m27s
Francis Ouellet, French horn; Trevor Tureski, percussion
6 Résurgence (1982) 6m42s
7 Chronaxie (1984) 12m05s
Trevor Tureski, percussion

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