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IANNIS XENAKIS : Ensemble Music 2

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"Follow up to Mode 54, recordings by the ST-X Ensemble, with the participation of the composer. Features: first recording of "A La Memoire de Witold Lutoslawski" ("It is a literal monument of sound, comprised of massive blocks of brass arranged as a dirge like fanfare."); "Akrata" (for 8 winds & 8 brass, "classic and seminal Xenakis. The work's skittering, repeated notes and extreme changes of dynamic yield a sense of vast, isolated space"); "Echange" ("a terrifying and mysterious 'concerto' for bass clarinet and ensemble"); "Xas" (for saxophone quartet) & "Okho" (for 3 djembes & bass drum)."

- samples -

1 Échange 16:47
Bass Clarinet – Michael Lowenstern
2 Okho 14:26
Percussion – David Rozenblatt, Pablo Rieppi, Robert McEwan
3 Xas 8:56
Alto Saxophone – John Engebretson
Baritone Saxophone – Mathew Cashman
Soprano Saxophone – Susan Cook
Tenor Saxophone – Shawn Tracy
4 Akrata 11:26
5 A La Mémoire De Witold Lutoslawski 3:24

Art Direction – Alice Horn, Brian Brandt
Composed By – Iannis Xenakis
Conductor, Liner Notes – Charles Zachary Bornstein
Engineer, Edited By [Digital Editing] – Tatiana Liberman
Ensemble – ST-X Ensemble
Photography – Karen Parker Peters
Producer – Brian Brandt

Recorded at St. Peter's Church, N.Y., on April 22, September 5 and October 3, 1996.
Track 3 recorded at Streeterville Studios, Chicago, Illinois, September 15, 1996.

The percussionists on Okho appear courtesy of the New York Percussion Quartet.

Échange for bass clarinet and ensemble, composed in 1989.
Okho for 3 djembes and bass drum (3 players), composed in 1989.
Xas for saxophone quartet, composed in 1987.
Akrata for 8 woodwinds and 8 brass, composed in 1964-65.
A La Mémoire De Witold Lutoslawski for 2 trumpets and 2 horns, composed in 1994. First recording.

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