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MISATO MOCHIZUKI : Etheric Blueprint

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  • Format: CD [NEOS11403]
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  • Label: Neos

'"I think that everyone, at least once in his or her life, has experienced anticipatory or telepathic perceptions. My trilogy Etheric Blueprint (2002-2006) is an observation of a possible cause of such a sensation: an invisible energy that surrounds us, connecting us with nature and space. In order to lend expression to this investigation, music and light seemed to me to be ideal: liberated from physicality and the word, they intensively stimulate our powers of imagination, evoking forgotten memories or new emotions by occasionally creating unexpected connections." The Etheric Blueprint trilogy is completed with two shô solo pieces: "Mayumi Miyata has selected two ancient preludes from the six shô solo pieces in gagaku: 'Banshikicho no choshi' symbolizes winter, water, the north and blackness; 'Sojo no choshi' afterwards symbolizes spring, wood, the east and blue. The sound of the shô is regarded as 'light from the sky,' in which the instrument is hinted at like an ethereal impression (etheric blueprint)." --Misato Mochizuki; All booklet texts are included in German, English, French and Japanese. Mayumi Miyata (shô, mdi ensemble), Yoichi Sugiyama (conductor).'

-- samples --

[01] Banshikicho no choshi (anonymous, before 10th century) 05:44
[02] Sojo no choshi (anonymous, before 10th century) 04:04

Misato Mochizuki (*1969)

Etheric Blueprint Trilogy (2002–2006)
[03] 4D for 9 players (2003) 13:31
[04] Wise Water for 9 players (2002) 14:28
[05] Etheric Blueprint for 9 players and electronics (2005–2006) 14:30

total time: 52:19

Mayumi Miyata shô [01 & 02]
Christophe Mazzella electronics [05]
mdi ensemble
Sonia Formenti, flutes · Paolo Casiraghi, clarinets · Francesco Mazzoleni, trombone
Nahom Kuya & Thierry Miroglio, percussion · Luca Ieracitano, piano
Paolo Fumagalli, viola · Giorgio Casati, cello · Nicola Barbieri, double bass
Yoichi Sugiyama conductor

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