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V.A. : Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival Volume 1

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  • Format: CD [EMFCD031]
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  • Label: EMF media

This CD celebrates the first ten years of the Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival, organized every year by James Paul Sain at the University of Florida at Gainsville, with a sampling of compositions by guest composers who have at one time or another visited the festival.

1. Ron Parks 'Residual'
2. Pete Stollery 'Squirt'
3. Stephen David Beck 'Sarah-nade (After Brahms)'
4. Javier Garavaglia 'Arte Poetica (I. Stanza)'
5. Joel Chadabe 'Spring' (from 'After Some Songs')
6. Ben Thigpen 'h'
7. Marvin Johnson 'Compendium II'
8. James Paul Sain 'Tag till ...'
9. Hubert Howe 'Improvisation No. 3'

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