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V.A. : Southern Cones - Music Out of Africa and South America

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  • Format: CD [EMFCD027]
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  • Label: EMF media

The varied, interesting, talented, charming, and utterly capitivating music on this CD, all of it from Africa and South America, all of it involving technology in some way, was chosen by Jürgen Brauninger.
You'll listen to it many times for many reasons ... because of the depth of its worldliness and humanity, because the traditional rhythms mixed with technology are so fascinating, because the sounds are so appealing, and because you'll understand better what music means throughout the world.

Brauninger writes, "Gathered here in this virtual performance space are composers of the African continent and South America and citizens of other regions for whom these Southern cultures have been musically significant.
Some have 'voyaged in' from the sprawling cities of the South to the metropolitan centers of the North with their internal 'Third Worlds', their own Souths; some have voyaged into the Molochs of the Southern Cones, places with pockets of unimaginable wealth protected by fortress walls, their own Norths; while others are oscillating in-between, crossing many borders, touching upon other urban flows, joining the urban sprawls."

This CD was originally curated by Jurgen Brauninger for Leonardo Music Journal Volume 10.

1 –Lukas Ligeti Balarama 4:23
2 –Diego Luzuriaga Excerpt From Viento En El Viento 5:47
3 –Felema I Wish You Strength And Inner Peace 6:20
4 –Eduardo Reck Miranda Electroacoustic Samba 1 7:23
5 –Daniel Wyman Excerpt From Wena Wendlovu 7:36
6 –Damian Keller Palabras 1 1:52
7 –Damian Keller El Escrache 3:22
8 –Aldo Brizzi L'Epreuve Du Labyrinthe 6:48
9 –Jurgen Brauninger Ihlathi 4:30
10 –Rodrigo Sigal Excerpt From Dolor En Mi 8:27
11 –Timeless (14) Closet Blues 2:37
12 –Timeless (14) The Phoenix' Call 4:17
13 –Didier Guigue Aquele Que Ficou Sozinho 5:27
14 –Kurt Dahlke Brontologik 3.44 3:11
Compiled By [Curated] – Jurgen Brauninger

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