STEVE REICH : Berkeley November 7, 1970

  • Format: LP [FOX002]
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  • Label: Alternative Fox


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'Alternative Fox delivers a landmark release in the history of minimalism with a live performance documented from one of the genre's key figures: Steve Reich. Recorded live at Berkeley University in the 1970s (home also to key minimalism figures Terry Riley and La Monte Young), this performance sees Reich deliver some of his now legendary compositions, such as the shifting tape-loop experimentation of "My Name Is", whereby vocals are cut-up, looped, and played at different speeds to create constantly shifting combinations. Similar to his "It's Gonna Rain", it's utterly disorientating and makes for an absorbing listening whilst doffing a cap to cut-up techniques championed by early Dadaists and later Brion Gyson and Burroughs. The two-part "Piano Phase" demonstrates the effects of playing minimalistic notes on two separate pianos at slightly different speeds, so the two drifting an out of phase with each other. The effects are highly meditative, causing subtle rhythmic mutations throughout the piece, whilst "Phase Patterns" explores a similar technique albeit with a grainer electric organ. Last but not least, "Four Organs" explores the effects of sustained chords on multiple organs, set amongst a perpetual maraca, whereby the combination of interlocking chords on the separate instruments amalgamate to form a dense, textured tonal tapestry. 180 gram vinyl.'

Track Listing:
A1. Four Organs
A2. My Name Is
A3. Piano Phase Part One
B1. Piano Phase Part Two
B2. Phase Patterns

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