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A.I.Z. : Chaos Primaire (Red Vinyl)

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  • Format: LP [ROTOR0057]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.47kg
  • Label: Rotorelief

"Red vinyl version. Edition of 200. Chaos Primaire is the unreleased first album by A.I.Z., recorded in 1982. This music is reminiscent of electronic material from Throbbing Gristle."

A1 Human Bungled 1:42
A2 Market Jungle 2:08
A3 Slave 2:55
A4 Radio Activ 1:25
A5 La Fabrique 4:23
A6 No Back Factory 3:27
B1 Fuck Bab's 3:13
B2 Good Bye Factory 3:03
B3 Compressor Machine 3:17
B4 Les Dramites 4:35
B5 Change Your Dance 2:33
B6 Machine 3:28
B7 Guerre Froide 1:37

Recorded At – La Parano S.A. Zone Industrielle Millau, 1982-1983

Composed By – Fred Mach, Herr Bruno, Tchéko

Unreleased first album recorded in 1982-1983 Limited and numbered edition of 200 copies on red vinyl.

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