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TJ NORRIS : Trimix - Tribyrd Installation Soundtracks Deconstructed

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"A living archaeology of Portland, Oregon, would include its abandoned shipyards and warehouses, its layers of graffiti, and industrial detritus. Through the lens and imagination of artist TJ Norris, however, it takes on a sumptuous other-worldliness. He has unpeeled its ever-evolving history -- of culture and place -- in a set of three gallery installations together dubbed Tribryd. Trimix, this CD/DVD set, now re-imagines those events in yet another light. TJ asked eleven international sound artists, including such underground stars as Scanner, SETI, and Asmus Tietchens, to create electronic works that would accompany him on his photo journeys around the industrial Pacific Northwest. These sounds were then remixed and became an intrinsic part of the installations, along with three new video works by such luminaries as Sue Costabile and Ryan Jeffery."

CD-1 Beequeen - Six Inside (Mastered Version) 3:54
Remix – Ultra Milkmaids
CD-2 Humectant Interruption - Skeleton (Bestesends Mix) 5:51
Remix – Richard Francis
CD-3 Illusion Of Safety - Le Gocce Dell'uomo Del Campo 8:21
Remix – Gal
CD-4 Aranos - Sign On (Mix) 4:23
Remix – Tu M'
CD-5 S.E.T.I. - Those Who Will Be 4:50
Remix – M. Behrens
CD-6 Rapoon - Gal-fel (Informed) 4:25
Remix – Xela
CD-7 Asmus Tietchens - Asmusmenge 1 6:51
Remix – Freiband
CD-8 Scanner - Continuum (Remix) 8:13
Remix – Nobukazu Takemura
CD-9 C. Renou - Land Of Confusion (Version) 6:25
Remix – Mokira
CD-10 Tennis - Rina's Ribena (Bonus Track) - 7:01
CD-11 Troum - DEL[ə] (Bonus Track) - 8:01
DVD-1 Scanner - Continuum 6:53
Film Director [Video] – Ryan Jeffery
DVD-2 Asmus Tietchens - Teilmenge 24 7:16
Film Director [Video] – Clinker
DVD-3 Beequeen - Six Inside 3:49
Film Director [Video] – Sue Costabile
DVD-4 Matthew Adkins - Symbiont 9:15
Film Director [Video] – Miles Chalcraft

Compiled By – TJ Norris

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