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CHRIS CUTLER / FRED FRITH : Two Gentlemen In Verona

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  • Label: ReR

"Chris Cutler: electrified drums/flotsam. Fred Frith: electric guitar/voice/jetsam. Recorded live April 16th, 1999 at Interzona -- Verona, Italy. "There must have been something special going on in Verona last April. By far the most aggressive of their duo albums, it leads us via howling fuzz guitar & machine gun percussion into walls of post-rock improvisation, obsessive industrial rhythms, and levels of excitement rarely generated by two people on a stage.""

- samples -

1 Act 1, Scene I: Enter Valentine And Proteus - Gavest Thou My Letter To Julia? 2:45
2 Act 1, Scene II: Enter Julia And Lucetta - And Yet Methinks I Do Not Like This Tune (The Mean Is Drowned By Your Unruly Bass) 2:13
3 Act 1, Scene III: Enter Antonio And Panthino - This Month I Have Been Hammering 3:55
4 Act 2, Scene I: Enter Valentine And Speed - And Yet, I Was Last Chidden For Being Too Slow 1:18
5 Act 2, Scene II: Enter Proteus And Julia - Have Patience, Gentle Julia 2:59
6 Act 2, Scene III: Enter Launce (With His Dog Crab) - As Light As A Lilly And As Small As A Wand 3:55
7 Act 2, Scene IV: Enter Valentine, Silvia, Thurio And Speed - We Have Conversed, And Spent Our Hours Together 2:56
8 Act 2, Scene VI: Enter Proteus Solus - This Night He Meaneth With A Coded Ladder ... 3:36
9 Act 3, Scene I: Enter Duke, Thurio And Proteus - Fostered, Illumin'd. Cherish'd, Kept Alive. 3:03
10 Act 4, Scene I: Enter Certain Outlaws - Fellows, Stand Fast: I See A Passenger 2:31
11 Act 5, Scene I: Enter Eglamour - Fear Not, The Forest Is Not Three Leagues Off 3:00
12 Act 5, Scene II: Enter Thurio, Proteus And Julia - But Well, When I Discourse Of Love And Peace 3:18
13 Act 5, Scene III: Enter Silvia And Outlaws - Come, Come, Be Patient 2:56
14 Act 5, Scene IV: Enter Valentine - Forgive Them What They Have Committed Here 3:41
15 Exeunt 1:23
16 Encore 6:33

Recorded At – Interzona
Edited At – Wolf Studios
Edited At – Studio Midi-Pyrénées
Mastered At – Wolf Studios
Mastered At – Studio Midi-Pyrénées

Design [Cover And Booklet] – Gregg Skerman
Drums, Drums [Electrified], Other [Flotsam], Edited By, Mastered By – Chris Cutler
Electric Guitar [Electrified Guitars], Voice, Other [Jetsam] – Fred Frith
Engineer [Editing And Mastering At Studio Midi Pyrenees] – Bob Drake
Engineer [Editing And Mastering At Wolf Studios] – Dominique Brethes
Recorded By, Photography By [Concert Photos] – Sergio Amadori

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