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  • Format: CD [erstwhile074]
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  • Label: Erstwhile

"I'm really excited to finally have Jeph and Tim on Erstwhile, as I have long been inspired by both. In July 2004, I saw a night of solos and duos by Jeph, Tim, Sean Meehan, and David Daniell at Clemente Soto Velez in Manhattan, and that night inspired me to start the ErstQuake series with Tim, which we kicked off a few months later, also at Clemente Soto Velez. So in a way this has been in the works since then, although all of the material was newly recorded in 2014." Five tracks, 68 minutes, recorded by Barry Weisblat along with Jeph/Tim and mastered by Jason Lescalleet.

1 Mammatus - sample - 11:25
2 Relic Density 10:59
3 In Situ - sample - 22:11
4 Talus 4:24
5 Bight 18:53
Bassoon, Voice – Jackie RoyceFrench Horn, Voice – Rachel Short

Design – Yuko Zama
Illustration [Drawings] – Rachael Elwell
Mastered By – Jason Lescalleet
Photography By – Jeph Jerman
Photography By [Back Cover] – Barry Weisblat
Producer – Jon Abbey
Recorded By – Barry Weisblat, Jeph Jerman, Tim Barnes

Recorded in and around Cottonwood AZ and Louisville KY, April - December 2014.

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