DIETMAR POST & LUCIA PALACIOS : Klangbad: Avant-Garde in the Meadows

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Dietmar Post (USA/Germany)とLucia Palacios (Spain)による、Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust)キュレートのフェスティバル「Klangbad」の2009年のドキュメンタリー。
NTSC リージョンなし。

Track Listing:
Klangbad: Avant-Garde in the Meadows:
01. Minit - Motels & Bars
02. Jutta Koether - Fresh Aufhebung
03. Steven W. Lobdell - More Rock, Less Talk
04. Kammerflimmer Kollektief - Hausen
05. Cpt. Howdy - Nervous
06. Circle - Matka
07. Faust - Dont Look Back
08. The One Ensemble of Daniel Padden - Singing Norway to Sleep
09. Nista Nije Nista - Amalo

Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival:
01. Shiva
02. Beat That
03. Dschungelbar
04. Dont Look Back
05. Feuerzeuge
06. Aggro

Bonus material:
01. Trailer: Klangbad: Avant-Garde in the Meadows
02. Trailer: Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival
03. Trailer: Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback
04. Trailer: FM Einheit + Irmler: Live at Berghain
05. Trailer: Doc Schoko: Oktopus im Pentagramm
06. Trailer: A Summer Evening with Floating di Morel
07. Trailer: Martin Rev: Electronic Pioneer
08. Baseline - Pesadilla

- Combined release of two films by the award-winning filmmakers behind Monks: The Transatlantic Feedback (PL 004DVD), Dietmar Post (USA/Germany) and Lucia Palacios (Spain): Klangbad: Avant-Garde in the Meadows (2009) and Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival (2010).
- Klangbad: Avant-Garde in the Meadows (85 minutes) is a direct cinema portrait of the pop avant-garde music festival Klangbad, curated by Hans-Joachim Irmler (Faust); Faust: Live at Klangbad Festival (70 minutes) captures a rare live performance by Faust.
- Also contains 25 minutes of bonus material, including trailers for the films included here and others in Play Loud!'s series.
- Includes eight-page color booklet with detailed liner notes, track listings, photographs, reprint of original Klangbad poster, and a list of every band to play at the festival from 2004-2009.
- DVD is all-region; NTSC format.

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