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WREKMEISTER HARMONIES : Recordings Made In Public Spaces Volume One

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  • Format: CD+DVD [ALP188CD]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.11kg
  • Label: Atavistic

"Chicago-based sound artist J.R. Robinson has been creating live, ambient tonefields in museums around the US and Europe over the past two years -- including the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, the Guggenheim Museum in New York, the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the Pompidou Center in Paris and The Art Center Berlin. Robinson has injected these recordings into collaborations with some like-minded heavy hitters in the noise, post-rock and jazz worlds such as David Yow (Jesus Lizard/Scratch Acid), Mark Shippy & Pat Samson (US Maple), Azita Youssefi, John Herndon & Jeff Parker (Tortoise), Keefe Jackson, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Ken Vandermark. The end result (dubbed Wrekmeister Harmonies), is a distinctive hybrid of sound art and avant-garde musics, evoking the essences & influences of masterworks like Joe McPhee's Nation Time, Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music and the sound collages of Stockhausen. Recordings Made In Public Spaces Volume One is the debut collection of these recordings, and is presented as a CD+DVD double-disc release."

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CD Tracklist
- Pittsburgh
1a The Andy Warhol Museum
Featuring – Mark Shippy, Matt Carson
1b Public Pool
Featuring – J.R. Robinson
1c North Branch Studio
Featuring – David Yow, Ken Vandermark, Shippy, Carson, Pat Samson
- Paris
2a The Pompidou Centre
Featuring – Azita
2b North Branch Studio
Featuring – Az, Frank Rosaly, Keefe Jackson, Nate McBride
- New York
3a Guggenheim Museum
Featuring – Fred Lonberg-Holm
3b North Branch Studio
Featuring – Lonberg-Holm, Jeff Parker, John Herndon
3c Experimental Sound Studio
Featuring – Lonberg-Holm, Shippy

Engineer [Experimental Sound Studio] – Todd Davis
Engineer [North Branch Studio] – Ryan Neuschapper
Executive-Producer [Production Composed By] – J.R. Robinson
Layout – ATAworld
Management [Booking] – Billions Corp, Shannin Porter
Mastered By – Jason Ward
Photography By – Damon Locks, Yow, Robinson, Seden

a CD+DVD double-disc release, DVD containing two pieces, "East" and "West".

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