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  • Format: LP [D31]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.47kg
  • Label: Divorce

"Divorce was so pleased with how Shearing Pinx delivered on the Haruspex 7" that we decided to up the ante considerably and release a double LP in two parts. In return the Pinx have gone all in with the new material. Weaponry pt. 1 is a mountain that will remain visible in the sea of astounding, bizarre releases Shearing Pinx have been pouring for the last half decade. It is made clear from the first moments of the opening track; the Vancouver trio has been committed here to tape while in rare form. This LP sets up a classic, demento-tuned twin guitar battle where a nonchalant vocal delivery squares off against the drum set's muscular fake jazz-jizz-isms. William S. Burroughs used a shotgun to create paintings. Shearing Pinx use musical instruments to wound and maim. Tunes for the unglued. Artwork by Rick White of Eric's Trip / Elevator / Rick White Album. Edition of 600. RIYL: Harry Pussy, No New York, Sonny Sharrock."

A1 I Am Jim O'Rourke
A2 Selfish Acts
A3 People Unknown
A4 French Kiss
A5 Lacer
A6 Z Z Z
A7 Z Z
A8 Tropical Dementia
B1 Xenophobe
B2 Frostflood
B4 Burial
B5 No One Nose
B6 Battery Born
B7 Xpanding
B8 Me & The Queen

Cover [Cover Art] – Rick White
Drums – Jeremy Van Wyck
Guitar – Erin Ward, Nick Hughes
Layout – Yo Rodeo
Mastered By – Josh Stevenson
Recorded By – SHPX

This record was recorded on 4-track by SHPX in july & november 2008 at the Moldy Village, Vancouver BC.
With a two sided A4 insert.
Limited to 600 pressings.

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