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NIKUDOREI : Chain Of Evil Dead

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  • Format: CD [ooo-14]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.55kg
  • Label: Dotsmark

'NIKUDOREI is Japan's most famous NOISE-GRIND band active from the 1990s.He is famous almost as same as "GORE BEYOND NECROPSY" in Japan. Okada as a leader, working together with various members(example,vivian slaughter from gallhammer,Kenny sonderson from Facialmess,and more). SENSELESS APOCALYPSE,MELT-BANANA,SLIGHT SLAPPERS GORE BEYOND NECROPSY UNHOLY GRAVE NIKUDOREI support the performance of DISCORDANCE AXIS in Japan in 2001. This CD is a 2nd album of NIKUDOREI,It is the latest CD for the first time in 8 years.Sound style like"ANAL CUNT","THE GEROGERIGEGEGE".Real hate hardcore noise grind!'

1 Untitled 18:42
Regular edition comes in 10" full colour jacket and sticker.
Limited edition of 200 hand numbered copies comes in 10" full colour jacket, A1 sized full colour poster and triangle sticker.

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