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LETHE : Catastrophe Point #6

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Kiyoharu Kuwayama aka Lethe from Nagoya is a man that is not often reviewed in Vital Weekly, perhaps simply because there aren't that many of his releases. In Nagoya he has a small studio under the subway bridge, filled with all sorts of self-built instruments and machinery, and creates much of what he does through methods of improvisation. However for 'Catastrophe Point #6', Lethe went to Lausanne in Switzerland where he stayed a month to record this piece (in two parts) at a place called Arsenic. It's not easy to describe the music of Lethe. With his violin or cello pieces it was easier, since you could say it was related to drone music in a modern classical way, but the two pieces here it's less obvious drone related but on the other hand it is. I know that sounds a bit of a contradiction, but with the pieces or objects that fall towards the floor, in combination with a rich amount (perhaps sometimes a big too rich) of reverb, creates an open architectural atmosphere that in a way is hugely organic, taking the listener to different spheres.
It's hard to tell what the sound sources are, other than a vague suggestion of stuff falling on the floor or perhaps the amplified sound of chemical dropping on a metal plate. The cover, a nice printed hardboard A4 sized print suggest something like that. This is music to take in on a low volume in a darkened room. It will have an effect of disturbance as much as it relaxes the listener. Quite nice altogether. (FdW) Vital Weekly

1 Untitled 22:02
2 Untitled 22:00

Artwork [Cover Art, Calligraphy] – Mizutani Isao

A4 size card board paper sleeve with CD
Sound materials recorded at Arsenic : Lausanne 2004.10.21-11.28
Edition of 500 copies

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