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GEN 26 : A Door To...

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  • Format: 3"CD-R [MS-009]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.05kg
  • Label: Mask Of The Slave

"GEN 26 is dedicated to sound experimentation, natural, urban noise, sound deviation and manipulation. All this is done on the level of improvisation through self-thought manipulation elements. Sound source: balloons, electronics, kitchen fork & small spoon. Great Slovenian project created by Matjaz Galicic. Limited to 100 copies."

1 Untitled 12:31
2 Untitled 9:28

Recorded At – Aristotelion Theatre

Limited to 100 copies.
Track 1: recorded on 12.03.2006
Track 2: live 03.06.2006 at Aristotelion Theatre in Thessaloniki, Greece

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