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V.A. : Sub Rosa Vs. Shi-Ra-Nui

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  • Format: LP [SRV148]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.47kg
  • Label: Sub Rosa

Production: Sub Rosa
"Sub Rosa crushes with esoteric Japanese Breaks' label Shi-Ra-Nui", the sticker says.
Though odd number tracks are taken from past Shi-Ra-Nui releases, no information is available for even number tracks.
Tracks 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 licensed from shi-ra-nui/360° records.
Track 5 is listed as "Cappablack / Solarizing Ruf Neck Piano".
Broken Bells is incorrectly credited as Broken Bells Breaks. (It's a title of his release.)

1 DJ Hati Monji Black Lightnin
2 Sasha Frere-Jones DJ Hati Monji Hairy Megamix
3 Jigen Stone Drum
4 Tone Rec Western Magnetic Digest Mix
5 Ruf Neck Piano Solarizing Ruf Neck Piano Remix – Cappablack
6 DJ Wally Jigen Remixz
7 Ruf-Neck Piano Ordinary Inside-Playing
8 Bisk Srn Mix
9 Broken Bells Eruption Insensitive
10 Multiphonic Ensemble Srn Mix

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