Conditions of Use

Conditions of Use

Thank you for joining Parallax Records Site.
This website (, hereafter 'the site') is managed by Parallax Records in Kyoto (hereafter 'the store').
Before using the site, we ask all customers to read and understand the terms of use outlined below.
Please be aware that we may make changes to the terms of use without prior notice.

Article 1: Service

1. Access to the web is required in order to use the site. The user must bear the cost and responsibility for preparing and setting up the necessary equipment, software and connection.
2. The site is used for sale of music related products, but the store reserves the right to change, cancel or add various new services.
3. The store does not provide any warranty or guarantee regarding any service offered on the site or any additional services. The store does not accept any responsibility for damages caused to the user as a result of unreliability or suspension of services offered on the site.

Article 2: Handling of personal data

1. Name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and any other personal information provided to the website by the user will be handled in accordance with a separately determined 'privacy policy'.

Article 3: Copyright and other intellectual property

1. Programs, photographs of merchandise, and any other intellectual property on the site all belong to the store. Users may make use of appropriate information in cases where this is for personal use. Any use outside of this (including reproduction, transmission or transfer to second parties) is prohibited by the store.

Article 4: Prohibitions

1. prohibits users from the folThe store lowing behaviors.
1) Harming or potentially harming the store or any third party.
2) Harming or potentially harming the assets, credibility or privacy of the store or any third party.
3) Contravening or potentially contravening public order and morals.
4) Reporting false information, such as entering the email address of another person.
5) Providing or using harmful programs such as computer viruses.
6) Sending nuisance emails or newsletters.
7) Violating or potentially violating the law.
8) Any other behavior that the store deems inappropriate.

2. The user agrees to the fact that the store may pursue the right to demand damages in any situation that contravenes the above.

Article 5: Disclaimers

1. Although the store carefully produces and manages all the information published on the site, it does not provide any warranty or guarantee regarding the accuracy or integrity thereof.
2. The store may, without advance notice, interrupt or discontinue management of the site, or change all or part of the information published on the site.
3. The store does not accept any responsibility for damages resulting from the user's use of the site, from anything preventing the user from using the site, or from fraudulent access, messages, emails, or data recorded by third parties.

Article 6: Cancellation of contract

1. The store may immediately suspend service if the user behaves in contravention of these terms.
2. If the cause given in the preceding clause arises, the store may compensate the user.

Article 7: Restitution

1. If these terms are violated, the user will compensate the store for any damage caused.

Article 8: Court with Jurisdiction

1. In the event that a dispute is taken to court, a court in supervision of the area where the store is located will have exclusive jurisdiction over the first hearing.

Article 9: Exemption

1. There may be cases where special terms have been determined that are separate to these terms of use.
2. If a page explaining all of the services provided by the store contains contradictions to these terms, the terms recorded on that page will be upheld.

(Supplementary clause)
These terms shall be enforced from 1st October 2011.
Established 9th June 2011.


Act on Specified Commercial Transactions

Store Name
Parallax Records

Kimiho Mori

Utanokoji bld. 2F
407-1 Sakurano-cho
Kyoto 604-8035, JAPAN

Contact Information
TEL/FAX : +81-(0)75-211-2543
E-mail : info [ a t ]parallaxrecords [ d o t ] jp

Payment Options
We accept credit card and PayPal as payment methods.
Only as domestic service, we accept Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer and Postal Transfer as payment methods.

Canceling an order
If you would like to cancel your order, please contact us before your order is shipped.
We cannot accept cancels and returns of shipped items.

Sales Tax
All product prices are inclusive of 5% consumption tax.
For orders delivered outside Japan, the recipient is responsible for any customs or duty charges.

Return Policy
Returning items must the following criterias:
- Item is returned within 7 days after delivery
- Item is defective
- Item is not what your ordered and is unopened

We will pay the return shipping cost if the return is a result of our error.
For all other cases, you will be responsible for all shipping costs.

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