HOROLOGIUM : The Fire Sermon

  • フォーマット: CD [DC041]
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  • レーベル: Divine Comedy


*個性派 マーシャル・インダストリアル*
ポーランドのHorologium !
フランス Divine Comedyからの2005年リリース作品。
インダストリアル音のループやダーク・アンビエント〜ダークノイズ、コーラス、ストリングスなどに 時々?地中海の香りもチラホラみえかくれする!?

1 Primordium 1:40
2 Kazanie Ogniste I 8:24
3 Magic From The Hyacinth Garden 5:40
4 To Carthage 6:07
5 Kazanie Ogniste II 5:30
6 A Handful Of Dust 3:35
7 Horologium Mundi 10:46
8 Copula 3:00

Artwork – Fabrice Billard
Mastered By – David Vallée
Music By – Grzegorz Siedlecki
Photography By [Band] – Merissa d'Erlette

Limited to 500 copies in foldout paper pack inside clear resealable slipcover
"The Fire Sermon" is based upon pessimistic views on history, fate of humankind and T.S. Elliot's poetry ("The waste land"). This release combine the darkest side of what we can call traditional symphonic industrial style... from SPK "Leichenschrei" to CMI's acts such as Memorandum, Heid or Sophia, with heavy and desperate feelings similar to Aghiatrias and Omnicore ...
With the addtion of some folkish and liturgical elements from eastern part of Europe, this release presents a very serious and impressive opus in a nihilistic way...


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