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In 2001 Johannes S. Sistermanns stayed in Japan for four months (Artist Fellowship The Japan Foundation). With this third stay in Japan since 1997 he developed the electric tea ceremony. This modern tea ceremony, based on the traditional one, takes into account the varying types of beverage dispensers set up every 70 till 100 metres in the streets of Japanese cities. They are in daily use and dispense, among other things, hot green tea in cans. Recordings of sounds of/in these vending machines as well as sound-sources in locations where this new tea ceremony takes place in a modern social context are as much part of etc | electric tea ceremony_random as are the exploitation of sounds of "traditional" sources like tea bowls, -tins and -water. Kazuya Ishigami intervenes live in the performance with sounds and computersamplings. "The tea-can is also listening", so Sistermanns’ statement, when he stimulates the empty tea can into listening by placing contact microphones into it and so recording the resonances of shopping turmoil.

etc | electric tea ceremony_random as a digital sound performance is performed randomly through pushing the random button after start. The 55 pieces are composed but not the sequence of the 55 pieces.

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