SOFIA GUBAIDULINA : In Croce - Works for Double Bass

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"Written over a span of forty years, these compositions by Sofia Gubaidulina have become staples of the double bass literature. In Pantomime one immediately senses a certain theatricality, which is evoked by dramatic pauses and dynamic progressions. Originally written for cello, the Preludes were later arranged for double bass. For In Croce, Gubaidulina pairs the bass with a bayan, (a Russian accordion). The work was inspired by the composer's experiments with folk instruments. Bassist Daniele Roccato is accompanied by pianist Fabrizio Ottaviucci and bayan player Massimiliano Pitocco."

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Works on This Recording
1. Sonata for Double Bass and Piano
2. Pantomime for Double Bass and Piano
3. In croce* for Double Bass and Bayan
4-12. Preludes* for Solo Double Bass

*version for double bass by sofia gubaidulina from the original cello version

Daniele Roccato (Double Bass)
Fabrizio Ottaviucci (Piano)
Massimiliano Pittocco (Bayan)

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