GEORGY DMITRIEV : The Testament of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol

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1. Being of sound mind and reason?
2. It is my will that my body not be buried until?
3. It is my will that no monument be erected above me?
4. It is my will that none should be mourn me?
5. As a bequest to my fellow countrymen?
6. I am a writer, and a writer's duty?
7. May be, my "Parting Tale"?
8. My fellow countrymen, I loved you?
9. It is my will that upon my death?
10. It is my will? but no, I can no longer dispose of this?
11. My will, immediately upon my death?

All parts are performed without pauses
Reader Nikolay Burlyaev
Soloists: V. Ladyuk (3,6), D. Korchak (5,6), S. Smolentseva (6), O. Zvereva (6,11)
The Greater Choir of the Academy of Choral Art
Conductor Viktor Popov

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