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Eduardo KUSNIR (Argentine-Venezuela)
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 1939. Music studies at the Sofia Conservatory Bulgaria (Orchestra Conductor Prize). Studied contemporary composition technics as well as electroacoustics at the Buenos Aires Di Tella Institute with Gerardo Gandini, Francisco Kropfl and Fernando Von Reichenbach. Got a Doctorate in Aesthetics, under Daniel Charles at Paris VIII University. Since 1978, Kusnir has been living in Venezuela. He is currently teaching at the Caracas National Music Conservatory and at the Venezuela Central University where he has just participated in the founding of a Music Computer Information and Research Centre (the CEDIAM).

Chrysopee electronique 9

Track Listing

1 Lily en el fuego (1987) 14m20s
2 Una carta (1996) 8m50s
3 Como es Lily (1985) 10m37s
4 El retorno (1994) 10m29s
5 Tres piezas para piano (1984) 8m05s
Nora Garcia, piano
5 Lily la que asusta 2m33s
6 Sabor a triunfo 3m09s
7 Don-Pin 2m30s
8 La panaderia (1970) 9m32s
9 Blancanieves (1980-85, 96) 13m58s
Francis Schwartz, narrator

Total duration: 77m55s

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