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RAY GALLON : Nam June Paik - A Work for Radio

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プロデューサーRay GallonとNam Jun Paikのコンセプトとのコラボ。
Nam June Paik自身はもちろん、John Cage, Charlotte Moorman, Philip Cornerも参加してのいろんな音楽やベシャリなどなど。

A Part One 32:30
B Part Two 28:51

Composed By [Conceptual Works] ? Nam June Paik
Engineer [Mix] ? Lorne Tulk
Narrator ? Ray Gallon, Russ Germain
Producer [Series] ? Digby Peers
Sounds [Audio Realisations] ? Ray Gallon
Technician [Additional Technical Assistance] ? John Hollinger
Text By [Author], Producer ? Ray Gallon
Voice ? Charlotte Moorman, John Cage, Nam June Paik, Philip Corner

This compositional documentary was produced for the CBC Radio Series "Signature," and was originally broadcast on April 28, 1979. It was nominated for an ACTRA award for best radio documentary of the year. It is the result of a remarkable creative collaboration by artists such as John Cage, Charlotte Moorman, Philip Corner, and Nam June Paik himself with the author. Interspersed throughout the portrait are audio realisations by Ray Gallon of conceptual works by Nam June Paik. Thanks also to Lorne Tulk for remarkable engineering and creative contributions, and to Digby Peers for the courage to broadcast it.
Once a 70s Canadian radio broadcast, this recording is now a product of The Tapeworm ? "we can't rewind, we've gone too far"
TTW#53, copyright 2013 The Tapeworm.

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