V.A : Fluxus Anthology : A Collection Of Music And Sound Events

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  • レーベル: Song Cycle


☆こりゃもっとかないと ! な名作 ☆☆
ジョージ・マチューナスが主唱した前衛芸術運動Fluxusの名作「Fluxus Anthology」が500枚限定で再発されました!
John Cage、Walter Marchetti、La Monte Young、 Milan Knizak、 Yoko Ono、 Dick Higgins 他豪華面子が集合です !!

A1. Walter Marchetti - Per La Sete Dell'Orecchio (Excerpt)
A2. Juan Hidalgo - Tamaran (Excerpt)
A3. La Monte Young - Dream House (Excerpt)
A4. Ben Vautier - Some Ideas For Fluxus
A5. Wolf Vostell - Elektronischer Decoll/age. Happening Raum
A6. Milan Knizak - Broken Music Composition
A7. Robert Filliou - Imitating The Sound Of The Birds
A8. Alison Knowles - Natural Assemblage. Le Vrai Corbeau
A9. Emmett Williams - Duet
B1. John Cage - Radio Music
B2. Joseph Beuys - Sonne Stat Reagan
B3. Yoko Ono - Toilette Piece
B4. Dick Higgins - B.B. Finally Dreams About Life, B.B.'s, You Play It
B5. Philip Corner - Car Passing At Night, Country Road In Maine
B6. Eric Andersen - Untactis Of Music
B7. Robert Watts - Interview 8. Nam June Paik - My Jubilee Ist Unverhemmet
B9. Ken Friedman - Orchestra Requiem Variations


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