MACIUNAS ENSEMBLE : Maciunas Ensemble (Special Edition)

  • フォーマット: LP + T-shirts [785.08]
  • 重量: 0.47kg
  • レーベル: Edition Telemark


オランダの先鋭アート・スペースのアポロハウスの運営でも知られるサウンドアーティストPaul Panhuysenを中心に'68年アイントホーフェンで結成された4人組Maciunas Ensemble。
フルクサス運動のリーダーGeorge Maciunasの精神を受け継いだアンサンブルで、変なこといっぱいやるアンサンブルの結成50周年記念LP!!

Maciunas Ensemble : 785.08

A1 Ice Cream Man 15:10 - sample -
Cello ? Leon van Noorden
Guitar ? Jan Van Riet, Mario Van Horrik
Piano ? Paul Panhuysen
A2 Toxic Metals 09:48
Cello ? Leon van Noorden
Drums ? Mario Van Horrik
Guitar ? Jan Van Riet
Pedal Steel Guitar ? Paul Panhuysen
B3 Russolution 07:02 - sample -
Monochord ? Jan Van Riet, Leon van Noorden, Mario Van Horrik, Paul Panhuysen
B4 Stamples 05:17 - sample -
Sampler ? Jan Van Riet, Leon van Noorden, Mario Van Horrik, Paul Panhuysen
B5 ZENder 06:33
Bass Guitar, Psaltery ? Leon van Noorden
Mandolin ? Jan Van Riet
Voice, Kalimba ? Paul Panhuysen
B6 Dedeboum 04:04
Bass Guitar ? Leon van Noorden
Mandolin ? Jan Van Riet
Voice, Piano ? Paul Panhuysen

Liner Notes ? Mark Van De Voort, Werner Durand
Mastered By ? H.P.
Photography ? Paul Van Den Nieuwenhof, Peter B. Kaars, Peter Cox, Pieter Boersma
Photography, Coordinator ? Helene Panhuysen
Recorded By ? Maciunas Ensemble (tracks: A1, A2, B4 to B6), Richard Hauck (tracks: B3)

Tracks recorded between 1982 and 2012.
Released on occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Maciunas Ensemble.
Track B3 recorded as a studio production fin the Sendesaal of Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), Frankfurt, 13 May 1985.
A production of Hessischer Rundfunk.
Special edition of 50 including the LP in its regular sleeve and a T-shirt, all housed in a brown paper bag with a sticker.
T-shirts come in men's and women's sizes S, M, L and XL (one shirt per copy).
Tracks numbered sequentially on release.


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