V.A. : Le Groupe Surrealiste Revolutionnaire Dotremont et Broodt

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This is the ultimate collection of archives of all the avant-garde in Belgium from Magritte to Broodthaers, from James Ensor to Christian Dotremont. 220 minutes of rare documents published in three parts / 3 volumes / 3 cds (SR225, SR242, SR269).
Edited by Guy Marc Hinant.

This third volume talks about:
the Groupe surrealiste du Hainaut, 1939
(with Achille Chavee, Fernand Dumont, Pol Bury, Andre Simon, Marcel Lefrancq...),
the Groupe surrealiste revolutionnaire, 1948
(with Christian Dodremont, Marcel Broodthaers, Paul Colinet, Achille Chavee...),
the Revues : Temps meles, 1952 (with Andre Blavier), Phantomas 1953
(with Marcel Havrenne, Joseph Noiret, Theodore Koenig, Gabriel et Marcel Piqueray),
Les levres nues, 1954 (with Marcel Marien),
Daily Bul 1957 (with Andre Balthazar, Pol Bury, Marcel Havrenne, Paul Colinet, Gabriel and Marcel Piqueray)
and the two outsiders: Marcel Broodthaers and Jean-Pierre Verheggen.

Hennuyerian Extensions...
From this vantage point (Hainaut), Surrealism was a slow blinding light. Seen from the industrial landscapes, so close to the French borders, it has a different colour than what can be seen in the capital. These Surrealists remained rather faithful to the methods preached by Breton (automatic writing, against which Nouge became strongly opposed early on). Hennuyer, Magritte, Scutenaire, and Souris were too, but they quickly moved to Brussels, where things began to crystallize. In 1936, Achille Chavee joined the International Brigades (Drombrowski Section) to defend the Spanish Republic. In Paris, he bid farewell to Breton and Aragon, who "fraternally supported him" - though Chavee was the only one to leave.

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