DICK HIGGINS : Poems And Metapoems

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  • レーベル: Recital


フルクサスでもおなじみの作曲家、詩人Dick Higginsの'82年のカセット音源のLP化再発。
大変貴重な音源でDick Higgins初のLPです!


A1 Requiem For Wagner The Crimal Mayor, 2 Excerpts
A2 Long Tail From Jessie
A3 Love Song For Straights
A4 Meta-
A5 Lyrical Text #12
A6 Lyrical Text #13
A7 The Pendulum
A8 Poem 1963
A9 Portrait Of A Woman
A10 ψευδ?νυμο
A11 Scenario
A12 Six Considerations Of The Angel
A13 Snowflake: Dark Room, Dark Rose
A14 Snowflake For A Friend Who Went Completely Straight
A15 Snowflake: Man's Heart's Mirror's
A16 Snowflake: Which Shines Brighter?
A17 The Snowflakes Of Giordano Bruno
A18 Song For Marilyn
A19 Structures (For Cary And Linda)
A20 Two Things About The Woods
A21 A Winter Carol
A22 Winter Seascape
A23 (Seven Of The) Twelve Telephone Translations
B1 As: Another Seven
B2 Boris Blastoff Finally Dreams About Life
B3 Boris Blastoff's You-Play-It Crapshooting Song
B4 Caryatid: I Am
B5 Hello, Serbes-Marines
B6 The Dawn Police
B7 For Several
B8 Four Women
B9 Gentle Talk
B10 How The Abbot Trilled With His Lady Easy Yet
B11 A Hymn At Night
B12 Trois Caryatides Au Loop-Garoux

Design [Graphic Design] ? Mary Nell Hawk
Management [Production Manager] ? Andrew Hindes
Producer ? Charlie Morrow, Sean McCann
Recorded By ? John Guth

Recorded February 1981 in the New Wilderness Studio.

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