V.A. : Grabar Y Coagular - A History of Audio Pieces by Peruvian

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'Buh Records present Grabar Y Coagular: A History Of Audio Pieces By Peruvian Artists (1972-2018), the first collection that explores the relationship between recording art and conceptual pieces. With a range that goes from experimentation in sound poetry to radio art, eccentric compositions that evoke the Fluxus's spirit, appropriationism, and more. In Peru, the visual arts and sound creation have, in the last years, taken a common path: visual artists have begun to produce sound creations, experimental musicians have begun to move into the visual arts circuit... A sound art movement has turned visual and audible. Grabar Y Coagular brings together for the first time the pioneering works of Jorge Eduardo Eielson (audio-paintings) and Francisco Mariotti (computer poetry), as well as works by Luz Maria Bedoya, Elena Tejada-Herrera, Jose Luis Martinat, Eliana Otta, Paola Torres Nunez Del Prado, Maya Watanabe, Alberto Casari (and PPPP), Daniel Jacoby, Gilda Mantilla Y Raimond Chaves, Los Parafusos, Nicolas Lamas, and Juan Diego Tobalina. Grabar Y Coagular ("Record and Coagulate"), curated by Luis Alvarado, is a much awaited and needed release, a collection of audio pieces produced by Peruvian artists which defines a scope of creation where sound is the matter and form in which information becomes present.'

1.Jorge Eduardo Eielson - Colores (1972) Excerpt 01:08
2. Francisco Mariotti - Chullachaqui Inteligencia Artificial Parlo? (1987) 03:56
3. Luz Maria Bedoya - Me tiemblam mis labios (2009) 01:02
4. Elena Tejada-Herrera ? Memoria colectiva (2010) 02:43
5. Jose Luis Martinat - Pleno (2013) 03:03
6. Eliana Otta - Con P de... (2016) 02:42
7. Paola Torres ? Re(a)signaciones temporales (2018) Excerpt 03:20
8. Maya Watanabe ? Imagen (2013) 00:13
9. Casari & PPPP ? Proyecto sonoro sin titulo y con final inesperado (2009) 04:13
10. Daniel Jacoby ? Fur Elise de Ludwig van Beethoven en orden de tono (2009) 06:03
11. Los Parafusos - Improvisacion de Loreto (2010-2013) 02:46
12. Nicolas Lamas ? (void) (2013) 04:04
13. Juan Diego Tobalina - Secret Anthem for a World of Values (2018) 05:10

Compiled By, Liner Notes, Concept By, Executive Producer ? Luis Alvarado
Executive Producer ? Jorge Villacorta
Graphic Design ? Michael Prado
Mastered By ? Alberto Cendra Woodman

The 13 pieces brought together in this album are similar due to the fact that they have been created by Peruvian artists as background music for audio recordings and as a group they allow us to have a trans-disciplinary reading of the routes that experimental creation with sound has been taking in Peru. This compilation, brings together for the first time works of Jorge Eduardo Eielson, Francisco Mariotti, Luz Maria Bedoya, Elena Tejada, Jose Luis Martinat, Eliana Otta, Paola Torres Nunez del Prado, Maya Watanabe, Alberto Casari, Daniel Jacoby, Gilda Mantilla y Raimond Chaves, Nicolas Lamas and Juan Diego Tobalina.
Concept, Compilation and Liner notes by Luis Alvarado.

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