ASHER.ZAX & DAVE PHILLIPS : Colonial War and Mental Disorders

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"performed and recorded live on stage in may 2019 by meira asher (voice, electronics), eran sachs (no-input mixer) and dave phillips (electronics, field recordings). part 2 of a trilogy released on cassette via rr.
this is a sound-text rendering of three cases, described and analysed by frantz fanon as they appear in his book ‘the wretched of the earth’ (1961). in it fanon deals with the problem of mental disorders born out of the national war of liberation waged by the algerian people.
rather than charging full steam ahead, this creation creeps slowly forward, letting both the psychological and physical horrors of fanon’s words echo in negative space.
“colonialism is a disease of reality itself. the disease as a condition rearranges reality according to distorted principles, which we find hard to understand to the core. from the cases that fanon presents and analyses in his book, we have extracted fragments that reflect these distortions.” meira asher and eran sachs. "

1. Introduction 02:34
2. Case #1 11:56
3. Case #2 12:38
4. Case #3 12:08
5. Colonial War and Mental Disorders 42:24

Recorded Live at Levontin 7 Tel Aviv, 17 May 2019
Text by Frantz Fanon from ‘The Wretched of the Earth’
Translated from French by Richard Philcox
Meira Asher - Voice, electronics, turntable
Eran Sachs - No-input mixer
Dave Phillips - iPods, electronics, mix
Riccardo Mazza - Mastering
Cover Design by Nadav Levi

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