DKF : Schmerzgrenze

  • Format: 7" [K10]
  • Shipping Weight: 0.19lbs
  • Label: Steinklang Industries


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this is a mispressing from the 7" out of the ultra-limited DKF boxset lim.50!
in 1996 the factory made a mistake and pressed us the songs from the ultralimited boxset 7" onto the regular picture 7" (and the other way round too...). we had a very shitty pressing factory at this time and although it was their mistake, we had to pay both 7"-pressings twice. we never gave out any of these 7"es and recently we found the box with 7"es again in our loft.
so this 7" looks like the normal 7" from the LP, but plays the fantastic songs from the lim.50 boxset 7"!

A Schmerzgrenze 6:05
B Ubertragung 5:01

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