V.A. : Because Tomorrow Comes #3

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"Volume 3 of this forum and magazine for sound-art in the form of an audio CD. It compiles contributions from artists who have chosen for the acoustics as working field, starting from the visual aspect and going to the musical one, then trying to promote the teachings of their sound art. The final purpose is to present it as a 'listenable exhibition'. So, a magazine to listen to, with, most of the time sound contributions, but also f.e. spoken words from the artists and varying texts about & from the artists and from art-historians and music-scientists." BTC # 3 features Johannes Wohnseifer (sounds of electric machines made by the Braun Co.), Ross Sinclair, Dave Allen, Kristin Oppenheim ("sound installations that deal with hardly perceptible, spare interventions in space"), Alexander Gyorfi ("builds concrete meta-models that demonstrate the basically conceptual character of all pop music"), Slave Pianos, Rodney Graham, Annika Eriksson and Christine & Irene Hohenbchler.

1 ?Alexander Gyorfi Los Freunde 1:44
2 ?Alexander Gyorfi Winter Song 1:43
3 ?Alexander Gyorfi Station De Gas 2:18
4 ?Unknown Artist Ansage 0:15
5 ?Slave Pianos Louise Bourgeois: Otte 4:33
6 ?Slave Pianos Katharina Fritsch: Unken 2:28
7 ?Slave Pianos Bruce Nauman: Violin Problem No.2 1:10
8 ?Rodney Graham Love Buzz 2:06
9 ?Rodney Graham Feelin' Alright? 4:20
10 ?Unknown Artist Ansage 0:15
11 ?Annika Eriksson Stockholm Postman's Orchestra 6:05
12 ?Annika Eriksson Copenhagen Postman's Orchestra 5:16
13 ?Annika Eriksson Connecticut Firefighters Pipes And Drums 3:42
14 ?Unknown Artist Ansage 0:15
15 ?Kristin Oppenheim Hey Joe 3:46
16 ?Dave Allen (3) Atmo. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow 3-5 P.M. 28.07.1998 4:30
17 ?Johannes Wohnseifer Phase 1 8:06
18 ?Unknown Artist Ansage 0:15
19 ?Ross Sinclair Amazing Grace 3:32
20 ?Christine und Irene Hohenbuchler Oktoberfest 3:18
21 ?Unknown Artist Ansage 0:15
22 ?Johannes Wohnseifer Five Seconds 5:53
Digipak with 30-page booklet of texts.

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