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'Anlage A collective sound exhibition featuring artists-composers. In its first collective exhibition, “Anlage”, Galerie Mario Mazzoli will present sound installations by four musicians: Agostino Di Scipio, Michael J. Schumacher, boris d hegenbart-matsui and Douglas Henderson. -The title of this exhibition, Anlage, points at what comes before the form -what causes it, what generates it. It is a word that marks a fundamental principle, a starting point for development; it also denotes the initial clustering of embryonic cells that serves as a foundation from which an organ develops [-] Each of these artists is concerned with the mechanisms and the interactions that give shape to their sound constructions. Catalogue of the group show with artists: Di Scipio, hegenbart-matsui, Henderson, Schumacher. Text by Daniela Cascella, eng, de, it. Specs: Hard Cover, 60 pages (19 ill. BW, 4 ill. col), 23,5 x 28,5 x 1,58 cm. CD with'

1 A. Di Scipio– Stanze Private [Excerpt 1] 7:28
2 A. Di Scipio– Stanze Private [Excerpt 2] 6:07
3 B D Hegenbart-Matsui– Feldern [Direct Cut#1] 12:25
4 D. Henderson– See, We Rise [Excerpt] 21:20
5 M. J. Schumacher– Enemies [Excerpt] 16:21

Liner Notes – Daniela Cascella

Accompanying CD that comes with the 63 pp. exhibition catalogue "Anlage : Di Scipio, hegenbart-matsui, Henderson, Schumacher". This exhibition, curated at the Galerie Mario Mazzoli (Berlin) in March 2009, gathered sound sculptures and installations by Agostino Di Scipio, boris d hegenbart-matsui, Douglas Henderson and Michael J. Schumacher. The book is limited to 400 numbered copies full with a text by Daniela Cascella, drawings, scores, pictures from installations set-up and exhibition views, along with this CD that contains sound excerpts from the pieces.

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