DAVID TOOP : Field Recording and Fox Spirits

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その昔はBeadやQuartzから変な音源をいろいろ出してた大物実験音楽家David Toopによるフィールドレコーディング!!
180mm x 125mm x 5mm

CD 01 Fox Spirits 36:40
Mixed By – Lawrence English
MP3-02 Wasp, recorded in Somerset, c. 1971 0:54
MP3-03 Rain In The Face, Long Flute And Frame Drum, C. 1973 Or 74 1:31
MP3-04 Conversation With Syd Senior, 1979 3:20
MP3-05 Beijing sounds, recorded March 2005 11:19
MP3-06 Rain In the Face, “Do the Bathosphere”, c. 1974 2:55
MP3-07 Conversation With Derek Bailey, February 2003 5:03
MP3-08 Flute Orchestra, 20.8.1972 2:54
MP3-09 Chiang Mai, Thailand, Blind Group Playing In The Street. 1:12
MP3-10 David Toop solo, Iklectik, London, 2017 17:10
MP3-11 Conversation With Annabel Nicolson, C. 1992 2:44
MP3-12 Rain In The Face, Prepared Guitar, Drums, Two-string Fiddle, C. 1974 5:56
MP3-13 Sheep Wind Fence Flute, Recorded On Dartmoor, 1971 3:40
MP3-14 Chiang Mai Bell Rhythm And Tuk Tuk 0:42
MP3-15 Conversation with Ornette Coleman, 13.9.1995 4:35
MP3-16 Ano Syros bells, Greece, 2018 1:26
MP3-17 Rain In The Face, Ghost Flute And Cymbal, 1973 2:19
MP3-18 Night frogs, La Sabana, Venezuela, 1978 8:13
MP3-19 Juliette Toop, “You Know That You And I”, Circa 1995 1:30

Field Recording – David Toop

A CD with "Fox Spirit" collage created by Lawrence English
A book containing Drawings, photographs, texts ....
18 MP3 Files (18 files came with the digital copy you receive when you buy it)
CD and book come apart (no common sleeve)
CD sleeve back embossed

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