TUBA FRENZY : issue #3

  • フォーマット: 12"+Book [TF-003.5]
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  • レーベル: Tuba Frenzy


'94年?'98年まであった音楽雑誌Tuba Frenzyの'96年のissue #3です。
Trans AmとWingtip Sloatのスプリット12”つき。
Wingtip Sloatは特にDNAみたいなソリッドなギターでめちゃいい!
紙面は、William ParkerやNogginのインタビューも。

A1 Trans Am - Starjammer -
A2 Trans Am - Strong Sensations -
B1 Wingtip Sloat - Ballad Of A Band That Is NOT Wingtip Sloat -
B2 Wingtip Sloat - Ornithology: The Final Chapter -
B3 Wingtip Sloat - Legend Of Flying Robot -
B4 Wingtip Sloat - Bob Howe -
Came with issue 3 from the Tuba Frenzy fanzine.

TUBA FRENZY #3 contents:
A lengthy dialogue with Polvo guitarist Dave Brylawski.
An interview w/ Trans Am
An interview w/ Wingtip Sloat
An interview w/ William Parker
An interview w/ Noggin
An interview w/ Crawling with Tarts
A survey of books about free jazz
The first installment of Cassette Frenzy - a survey of cassette-only releases
Installment #3 of Lo-Tech Not Lo-Fi : the actual recording process.
Some thoughts about "radio art": audio art on the airwaves
The usual batch of lengthy record reviews

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