SPACE MACHINE : Space Tuning Box

  • フォーマット: 3LP [UMA166]
  • 重量: 1.5kg
  • レーベル: Urashima


Masonna、Controlled Deathの山崎マゾによる宇宙ノイズ!!
アナログエコーマシンとアナログシンセサイザー(EMS VSC3、Roland System 100 & 100M、PAIA 4700 Modular、Doepfer Modularなど)のみによる超宇宙でサイケな電子音楽です。
2001年アルケミーからの「Cosmos From The Diode Ladder Filter」とアメリカP-Tapesから2004年から2005年に出た4枚「Dimension Degenerator」、「Orbit Vector Generator」、「Zone Of Avoidance」、「Space-Time Echo」を3LPにまとめて再発!!

Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter
A1 Untitled 0:30
A2 Untitled 6:54
A3 Untitled 1:09
A4 Untitled 8:01
A5 Untitled 3:08
B1 Untitled 5:20
B2 Untitled 5:47
B3 Untitled 5:59
B4 Untitled 5:56
C Dimension Degenerator 19:08
D1 Orbit Vector Generator 18:18
D2 Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter 1:35
E1 Space-Time Echo 13:28
E2 Cosmos From Diode Ladder Filter 6:58
F Zone Of Avoidance 19:46

Design Concept – Damion Romero, Masahiko Ohno
Liner Notes [Japanese] – Satoru Higashiseto
Liner Notes [Translated From Japanese To English] – Alan Cummings
Photography By [Uncredited] – Masahiko Ohno

Comes in a wooden box (with a digital printing on the lid), contains a series of photos of the equipment used by Maso Yamazaki
Vinyls are housed in a black sleeve.
Limited to 199 copies.
The catalog number does not appear on the release

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