RHODRI DAVIES , KO ISHIKAWA : Compositions For Harp And Sho

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笙を宮田まゆみに師事した石川 高とロンドンで活動する即興ハーピストRhodri DaviesとのDuo。
杉本拓、大蔵雅彦、Antoine Beuger、角田俊也の作品を演奏した名盤。

1 Aka To Ao [赤と青] 18:04
Composed By – Taku Sugimoto
2 Torso 13:01
Composed By – Masahiko Okura
3 Three Drops Of Rain/East Wind/Ocean 20:58
Composed By – Antoine Beuger
4 Strings And Pipes Of The Same Length Float On Waves 16:02
Composed By – Toshiya Tsunoda

Illustration [Drawings] – Masahiko Okura
Liner Notes – Toshiya Tsunoda
Producer – Taku Unami
Recorded By – Masae Okura

Strings And Pipes Of The Same Length Float On Waves:
Sho pipe and harp string which have the same length are sounded in parallel with a pair of sound wave. Recorded audio signal is passed through a gate device which cuts the audio signal under a certain established voltage. As a result, what we hear is an audio signal which ebbs and flows over the level set by the device.
Recorded on March 4, 2006.
Packaged in gatefold card sleeve.

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