YOSHIO MACHIDA : Hypernatural #3

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Six years after the release of "Hypernatural #2", Yoshio Machida is rounding up his magnificent trilogy of electroacoustic collages with "Hypernatural #3". A unique and highly personal work, the Hypernatural series has made of Machida a world-class sound artist. Assemblages of field recordings and treated instrumental sounds, the music on "Hypernatural #3" evokes simultaneously the universal and the intimate, Mankind and Nature.

Yoshio Machida has been working on this series since 1997. The first volume was self-released in 1999 and had for theme memory in Eastern Asia ; Volume 2, released by Softl Music in 2001, focused on transparency, unconsciousness and invisible existence. "Hypernatural #3", the last instalment in this triptych, is about oblivion. Machida explains: "Oblivion is characteristic of the correlation between matter and time. Oblivion has a positive aspect: it appears as a natural phenomenon in the passage of time and becomes a factor in creating new worlds. Nature consists of a myriad of different memory-oblivion cycles".

Born in 1967, Japanese artist Yoshio Machida studied minimalist art. While working for international cooperation, he had the opportunity to travel and make field recordings. Since then, he has been using these field recordings, combining them to the treated sounds of real instruments, including gongs and steel drums (the latter instrument playing a non-negligeable role on "Hypernatural #3"). Machida has performed at music festivals, including ISEA2004 and Maerz Musik. David Toop has introduced his music in his book "Haunted Weather", and a track from "Hypernatural #2" was featured in a commercial on French television. He also runs his own Amorfon label.

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