GENOCIDE ORGAN : Live In Japan 2003/2007

  • フォーマット: DVD+CD [TESCO077]
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  • レーベル: Tesco Organisation


Genocide Organの2003年と2007年の来日Live。

- Live In Japan 2003
- 20.000V - 1.3.2003 56:17
DVD1 Industrial Strife Pt.1 7:45
DVD2 A Peculiar Crusade 4:01
DVD3 Liberate Yourself 5:17
DVD4 Vive La Guerre 4:59
DVD5 No Return 4:17
DVD6 No Better Culture 3:57
DVD7 Industrial Strife Pt.2 4:15
DVD8 Disobey-Ends 5:20
DVD9 Moral Rear 5:35
DVD10 We Care For You 3:56
DVD11 RMG / Commandos 6:52
- Die Pratze - 5.3.2003 43:52
DVD12 Walk With Us Through History 10:08
DVD13 Filth Breeds Filth 5:17
DVD14 Untitled 5:48
DVD15 Legion 3:57
DVD16 Their Mighty Slaughter 3:54
DVD17 Kindstod (Infantdeath) 5:56
DVD18 Clean-cide 3:34
DVD19 Wald 5:08
- Live In Japan 2007 41:12
CD1 Industrial Strife 6:27
CD2 Hail America 4:38
CD3 Sword 4:08
CD4 Loyal In Peace 5:18
CD5 Death Breeding Star 5:01
CD6 Eye Of Freedom 4:00
CD7 One Final Moment 3:21
CD8 Bad Seeds 3:52
CD9 I Kept My Faith: Revelation Of John 4:25

Other [Dvd Editing / Layout] ? SWT│media (tracks: DVD1 to DVD19)
Other [Dvd Sound Design] ? SWT│audio (tracks: DVD1 to DVD19)

Comes in an A5 digi-gatefold sleeve.
DVD1 to DVD11 recorded live in Kouenji 20000V on March 1, 2003.
DVD12 to DVD19 recorded live in Kagurazaka Die Pratze, March 5, 2003.
CD recorded live in Kouenji 20000V on June 23/24, 2007.
Recon unit members have as an extra two old used japanese postcards with "Recon Unit" stamps. One is handnumbered, signed and with the name of the owner written on it.
Some tracks have different names on the DVD:
DVD1: Industrial Strife III
DVD12: Blind
DVD18: Clean
DVD19: Der Wald
G.O. deepest thanx go to:
Koji Tano, Takahiko YokoYama, Shin Shikada (NOISEUSE), Yumiko Kudo, Frank Merten, Henry Emich, Yoshihiro Nakano
thanx to Operation Cleansweep for Clean
Genocide Organ dedicates this release to the memory of Koji Tano


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