COH : Iiron

  • フォーマット: 2LP [114LP]
  • 重量: 0.5kg
  • レーベル: Editions Mego


raster-notonでおなじみのIvan PavlovによるCohの2LP作品。
Editions Megoから。
2曲目のはじまりは戦闘風味でかっこいです ^-^

A War End War
B1 Red Square
B2 Soii Noir
C1 Slowup [Quadrate Fur Jah]
C2 Fist Of Glory
D1 All Lights Are Fire
D2 Satsugaii

Cover [Art], Design ? Stephen O'Malley
Mastered By ? Rashad Becker
Music By ? Ivan Pavlov/COH

Written and recorded 2010 except War End War: written 1988/recorded 2010.
Electric guitars recorded May 2009 at the studios of Music Research Centre, University of York, England with professional assistance and generous support from Tony Myatt, Pete, Oli and Theo.
Acoustic pieces in Red Square, War End War and Satsugaii composed and recorded in the USSR between 1988-1990, extracted from a cassette tape with kind help of Andrej "D.A.O." Kolesov.
Mastered at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, 30.11.2010
Thank you: Sleazy/THBC, Pita and Stephen/KTL, Mark Fell/SND, Johannes Krauser/DMC, Russian Warheads, Paolo and the little van from Sardinia, Mike T.
Special thanks to Seta A. Pavlova for my first guitar.
In Memoriam: Satoshi Kon & Peter Christopherson

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