COOLY G : Cooly G Presents - Dub Organizer - The Intro Vol. 1

  • Format: CD [DBOR004]
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  • Label: Dub Organizer


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'This is the first major offering from Cooly G and her new label Dub Organizer, and it's set to be a game-changer. Having already made a huge mark on the UK dance scene with solo releases on renowned labels such as Hyperdub and DVA, as well as Dub Organizer itself, Cooly is undoubtedly going to explode the electronic music world even further with this exciting collection of tracks. Featuring many of Cooly's new signings to the label, this release is a perfect introduction to what to expect from the camp in the future. The compilation features sounds from every corner of both the UK and international bass music scene. Defying genres and destroying boundaries, the only common link between the tracks is a heavy use of the sub sonic frequencies, and the fact that many have been fixtures in Cooly G's DJ sets. With crazy bongos, hammering bass lines, pumping soulfulness, floating layers and jacking rhythms, each artist within this energetic ensemble brings something entirely different to this release, marking it out as a new beginning for not only the Dub Organizer label, but the whole underground dance scene. Artists include: Fingaprint, Mista P, DJ Royce Rolls, +91 (Krish N And Shobhit), Arethis, Dubzee Up Norf, Proximas, Sami Sanchez, DJ IC and Cooly G.'

1 Fingaprint - New Dawn -
2 Mista P - Airsteppin -
3 Royce Rolls - Avalon -
4 Krish N & Shobhit - Morning Mantra -
5 Arethis - Marteek -
6 Dubzee Up Norf - Blue Stems -
7 Proximas - Shade Of Paradise -
8 Sami Sanchez - Sirenz Refix -
9 DJ IC - Free To Be Slave -
10 Cooly G - Telepathy -

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