JOHN CAGE : The 25-Year Retrospective Concert of the Music of John Cage

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  • レーベル: Modern Silence


プリペアドピアノの名曲「Sonatas And Interludes」の他、えげつない曲もいろいろ入っております。

A1 Six Short Inventions For Seven Instruments
A2 First Construction In Metal
A3 Imaginary Landscape No. 1
A4 The Wonderful Widow Of Eighteen Springs
B1 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata I
B2 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata II
B3 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata III
B4 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata IV
B5 Sonatas And Interludes - First Interlude
B6 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata V
B7 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata VI
B8 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata VII
B9 Sonatas And Interludes - Sonata VIII
B10 Second Interlude
C1 Music For Carillon No. 1
C2 Williams Mix
C3 She Is Asleep [Quartet]
C4 She Is Asleep [Duo]
D1 Concert For Piano And Orchestra

Composed By ? John Cage
Liner Notes ? George Avakian, John Cage
Performer ? Allan Martin, Albert Kaufman, Anahid Ajemian, Andrew Lolya, Arline Carmen, Burton Fisch, David Tudor, Don Butterfield, Doris Dennison, Douglas Allan, Earle Brown, Frank Rehak, Isadore Cohen, Jesse Taiko, Joan Brockway, John Cage, Margaret Jansen, Maro Ajemian, Marvin Rosenberg, Melvyn Broiles, Merce Cunningham, Michael Colgrass, Paul Price, Philip Brown, Sy Schwartzberg, Warren Smith, William Gromko, Xenia Cage
Piano ? Maro Ajemian
Producer [Concert Produced By] ? Emile de Antonio, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg
Recorded By ? Robert E. Blake

"Recorded in performance at Town Hall, New York, May 15, 1958"

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