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"Community Library is proud to present the debut release from one of Portland's most unique and wonderful bands, the Evolutionary Jass Band. Formerly the Steele Street Revolutionary Jass Band, the group has slowly but steadily made a name for themselves locally for reliably powerful live performances in a variety of traditional and untraditional venues. Bandleader Jefrey Brown and drummer Michael Henrickson were longtime key members of one of Portland's better-known musical exports, the improvisatory, rotating-membership group Jackie-O Motherfucker. The Evolutionary Jass Band coexisted for some time but truly took flight when these two left JOMF; in contrast to JOMF's multigenre escapades, the Jass Band is an entity more focused on creating a variant specifically within a jazz idiom. Relying on a delicate balance between compositional tact and way out improvisation, the band is able to refer to a jazz vocabulary while building on it with confidence. The group has grown into a sextet under Brown's direction, and has brought incredible beauty, force and rawness to Portland's often overly academic live improvisation scene. Change of Scene reflects the band's combinations of Ethiopian-influenced, modal looping riffs with elements of American band music and early jazz, as well as the underground soul-jazz of the 1970s, with a lot of influence from more recent music from the DIY, experimental rock spectrum as well."

1 Aunt Dot 7:31
Saxophone [Tenor] ? Keelin Meyers
2 Change Of Scene 12:34
3 Philly's Frindge 5:19
4 Mercury 5:49
5 Devotion 8:28

Bass, Percussion ? Bob Jones
Drums, Percussion ? Michael Henrickson
Guitar, Percussion, Sitar ? Marisa Anderson
Mixed By ? Steven Lobdell
Saxophone [Tenor, Alto, Baritone], Percussion ? Jef Brown
Violin, Percussion, Sitar ? Daphna Kohn

Recorded at the Michigan Avenue Social Club, spring/summer 2005. Mixed at Audible Alchemy.

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