YOSHIO MACHIDA : Infinite Flowers

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"Tropical electronica?
"Infinite Flowers" is the 3rd album of YOSHIO MACHIDA, a sound & visual artist, based in Tokyo. David Toop introduced Machida in his book that he started edited / computer music. But in this album, performance of Steel Pan is featured with his processing system by live electronics (MAX/MSP). The wonderful ecology, beauty and brightness of "flower" which is the theme of this album are expressed more than enough by electronics texture. It's really hybrid, including minimal rendition with mystic sound of steel pan and complicated rhythm by electric-processing. In a unique piece, "!Hana Mambo!" - means flower mambo - (tr2), humorous robot choir sings with rhythm and creats an exotic atmosphere. Electric symphony, Namaqua I, II, III, IV (tr3-6) means a special place in South African where many kinds of flowers bloom at the same time once In a year. in Poppy (tr09), atmosphere of beauty & dangerous aspect (opium) is expressed. As guest musicians, Fourcolor (12k, Plop) & Yasunaga (member of Minamo, 12k) played in it. "

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