JIGEN : Blood's Finality 狂雲求敗

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'The only English on this release reads as follows:

"Stone drum avantgardism 2nd...samusiro breaks:self-perpatuating counterrhythms JIGEN's erratic breakbeats somersaults...Genetic code inscribed with the particulars of drum'n'bass has been overwritten...the most penetrating bass subconcious to high-arching streaks of bowed-metal lumnia and sustenuto piano.............samusiro there"'

1 流星
2 対不破(野弦太刀無銘)
3 空蝉半機
4 迎火狂雲
5 抗狂雲刀残庖(青龍将星粉)
6 万年番外地
7 斜枯刀異聞
8 無銘
9 無季

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