DAVID TUDOR : Neural Synthesis Nos. 6-9

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'1995 release. Neural Synthesis Nos. 6-9 combines the art of music, the engineering of electronics, and the inspiration of biology. In it, David Tudor orchestrates electronic sound in ways analogous to our biological bodies' orchestration of consciousness. The performance originates from a neural-network synthesizer conceived and built especially for Tudor. He surrounds this synthesizer with his own unique collection of electronic devices, and in the recording on this CD made for headphone playback, he uses a new binaural technique for translating sound into out-of-head localizations in which sound seems to originate from specific, changing points within a space around the listener. Performed by David Tudor; produced and recorded by David Tudor and John D.S. Adams. Binaural and stereo mixes on two CD'

1-1 Neural Synthesis No. 6 (Binaural) 31:40
1-2 Neural Synthesis No. 7 (Binaural) 31:34
2-1 Neural Synthesis No. 8 (Stereo) 31:47
2-2 Neural Synthesis No. 9 (Stereo) 32:04

Art Direction, Design ? By Design
Edited By [Digital Editing], Mixed By [Digital Mixing] ? Roger Warnatsch
Engineer [Assistant] ? Li Teo
Liner Notes ? David Tudor, Forrest Warthman, John D.S. Adams
Mixed By ? John D.S. Adams
Performer ? David Tudor
Producer ? David Tudor, John D.S. Adams
Recorded By ? John D.S. Adams
Recorded By [Assistant] ? Roger Warnatsch

Produced using the facilities of The Banff Center for the Arts; October/November 1993.
The cover drawing represents the neural-network synthesizer portion of David Tudor's setup. Tudor has added extensive additional circuitry both in front and behind the synthesizer.
Partial funding for this recording has been provided by the Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust.
Includes 12-page booklet.

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